Künstliche Intelligenz für eine optimierte Diagnose

Our company, based in Linz, Austria is developing a lung diagnostic system based on artificial intelligence (AI), which makes reliable and fast diagnosis of lung diseases in clinical practices and the home possible.

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Greater quality of life

The target group for the LuDI lung diagnostic system includes physicians in private practice, health professionals at the point of care and private users who want to pay more attention to their breathing, lungs and vitality. The researchers from Linz are therefore talking about a “blood pressure measurement device for the lungs” and digital respiratory health.


In the future this will make it possible for health data to be monitored at home. Changes will be detected reliably. Diagnoses will be made more quickly and accurately. Therapies will be personalised. Quality of life will increase.


Founded in Linz in 2019, Lung-Diagnostics GmbH. (LD) is developing a test system which enables faster and more precise diagnosis suggestion, monitoring and management solutions to improve lung health. The LD solution (LuDi for short) consists of an innovative diagnostic hardware together with a self-learning (artificial intelligence) software and a diagnosis/testing apparatus, which measures the physical and chemical parameters of respiration and breath. Data fusion algorithms combine the individual measured values, compare these with reliable reference values and present the treating physician with a detailed diagnosis suggestion.

The goal is also the “respiratory function monitor for the home”.

The patient is informed about the condition of their respiratory system and lungs and the progression of their disease using a traffic light system. Diseases such as asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer or infections can be better tracked, the success of the therapy is improved and the personal progress is monitored.

In addition to modern sensor technology, innovative data fusion and AI software are essential components of LuDi. In future, the continuous networking of patient, doctor and intensive care without loss of time and resources will be possible via the internet platform www.mYRespiration.com.

First clinical studies have demonstrated: regardless of whether general respiratory problems, pneumonia, COPD, fibrosis, bronchial asthma or lung cancer, LuDI measures physical parameters and chemical constituents of the air breathed and is thus a completely new type of system for greater quality of life; both before, during and after the Covid-19 era.

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Dr. Klaus Fischer

Ing. Alfred Wegerer

The founding partners Klaus Fischer and Alfred Wegerer have many years of experience in the areas of medical devices, diagnostics, the respiratory system and software. They chose the “Tabakfabrik” in Linz as the company’s location. The location decision was guided by the fact that the founders have already been cooperating with the Johannes Kepler University and the Kepler University Hospital in Linz in intensive preliminary work for about two years. The findings from the preliminary projects led to the decision to found LD and to develop these findings into marketable products.

The first academic study on 100 patients has already been completed successfully. The respiratory measurement system proved that in the future faster and more reliable diagnoses can be made.

The first academic study on 100 patients has already been completed successfully. The respiratory measurement system proved that in the future faster and more reliable diagnoses can be made.

Statement from a patient

“I had ignored a persistent cough for a few weeks. In the end this cough developed into severe pneumonia. In the future, with LuDi as my assistant I can track my lung function status very well and react to changes quickly and reliably, in order to avoid such serious consequences,”

Name of the patient is known to the editor
Male, 73 years old, hospital in Upper Austria

Statement from the professional world

„The concept of LuDi is very promising, as both self-monitoring for the user and a decision assistant for physicians are part of the declared goal. Early detection of lung function disorders is one of the urgent challenges of our time.”

Prim. Priv.-Doz. Dr. BERND LAMPRECHT
Head of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine/Pneumonology
Deputy Dean of Teaching and Students, Medical Faculty, Johannes Kepler University
General Secretary of the Austrian Society of Pulmonology

Lung-Diagnostics GmbH
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